A Mommy’s Prayer

Hello friends! I am so excited to share a new song with you! It's called "A Mommy's Prayer". I wrote this song with my daughter in mind, but it's for all of the Moms out there. My prayer is that everyone who hears it would be encouraged and know that they are not alone. We …

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#2 on My List of Favorite Things!!

I hope and pray that you are blessed by the information and wisdom shared on this blog.  I am so passionate about encouraging my fellow leaders in worship ministry.  So, take the resources, information and encouragement, and use it...share it! Today, I want to talk about Planning Center.  Those of you who do not use …

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I don’t want to walk alone…do you?

For all of my friends in ministry...this is for you. Do you feel like you're walking alone?  You have the Lord, always, but do you have someone to walk alongside of you in ministry on earth...to encourage you...challenge you...and pray for you?  Someone who has been there, and really knows what you are walking through. …

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