The Holiday Solution in 4 Steps: By Andrea Olson​

In light of my most recent blog about the need for rest during the Holiday season, I’ve written down some concepts I’ve been trying to put into practice with my own family and ministry this Holiday season.

First, before we can fight for rest, we need to understand the difference between rest and distraction. Rest leaves you feeling restored and refilled. Distraction relieves your mind, but only temporarily. If I want to be distracted, I’ll scroll Pinterest or watch something. But when I need to rest, I actually need to eliminate those distractions and spend time doing something that gives me life and connects me with the Lord like songwriting, worshipping, going for a walk, listening to music, journaling, etc.

My second fighting for rest tip- shut off all the technology! Make a plan, and give yourself some unplugged time every day or an extended period every week. Phones, emails, social media, all of it. Turn it off for long enough so you actually get the chance to be still and listen to how God is speaking. Maybe it’s a discipline of not looking at anything on your phone or email until 8am, and using that time to get up early, pray, reflect, journal, sing, or just be and ask God to speak to your heart. It will look different for everyone but that’s one practical way to give yourself space to rest.

Third, begin each day in gratitude for the current day and remembering what He’s done in previous days. Write it down each morning, even just one or two words. It sets the tone and perspective for the day and gives you a moment of stillness before the day starts.

Fourth, protect your time. Christmas is busy for worship leaders and church staff. You need to be refueled so you can pour out to your congregations. Sometimes saying “no” to something good leaves room for you to say “yes” to something greater. For example, saying “yes” to rest. We often busy ourselves so heavily that we have no downtime, leave yourself and your family space to be in the month to come.

Cheering you on,


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