The Holiday Challenge:​ By Andrea Olson

Every year I am amazed at how quickly October and early November fly by.  After our big, yearly Overflow Worship Conference at the beginning of October, life is always full.  Maybe I’m trying to make up for everything I missed during the busy conference season, or maybe there is so much that I can finally devote mental space to that I am over ambitious…I’m not sure, but either way, once again I’ve blinked and the Holiday season is here!

My family and I are on a much-needed vacation. We are in warmer climates, but it wouldn’t matter where we are. We just needed a change of scenery, pace, and some time to just be together.  Time to rest.

And yet, as I have tried to unwind, I’m finding it difficult. I’m not even sure that I know how to rest anymore.  If you’re a worship leader, you’re thinking, the Holiday season is the LAST time to be thinking about slowing down and resting.  But, it shouldn’t be that way.

Last week, I sat in a group of young worship leaders from all over the country. We were connected via video chat in an amazing program called Worship Circle.  I’m a leader for a Worship Circle small group for the next 6 months, and as I listened to each of them share their stories, the Holy Spirit spoke to me…we all need REST.

I know that this is a busy season, but I encourage you to fight for rest, in every sense of the word. Try to find ways to slow down and listen for the voice of God. Because sometimes? When we’re tired?  Things get cloudy and we doubt our calling.  But, let me say this…you are where He’s placed you for a reason. What you carry is unique, special, and NEEDED.

Let’s all rest in that today. Let tomorrow worry about itself. I believe God wants to speak to each one of us in a unique and special way, but it all begins with slowing down long enough to be still and hear His whispers.

And it all starts with rest.

Blessings to you,


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