Perspective: Pt 1 by Andrea Olson

What We Choose …


I am convicted as I write this. I recently had a day when I failed to see the bigger picture.


It started when exhaustion set in. My attitude needed an intervention. I prayed for focus, help, for patience. I prayed for the strength to choose the good. To propose that nothing would steal my joy.


Then, 6:58 AM arrived, as did, a 3-year-old crying about lost chap stick, a baby needing to be fed, and a 7-year-old who proclaimed that she needed, in her words, “some alone time”. The day continued, so did the degradation of my attitude. Amidst work, schooling, and the fulfilling of tiny needs, I lost sight of the bigger picture. I saw all the tasks, but failed to see the value, and the treasure of the work, I lost the goal.


I neglected the good.


However, God, in His mercy used my 7-year-old to remind me.


Can we listen to that one song? She asked.


She continued. The one that goes…


“I got an Old Church Chior singing in my soul.

I got a sweet salvation and it’s beautiful.

I’ve got a heart overflowing ‘cause I’ve been restored.

There ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy.

No, there ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy”


I was humbled.


I had let a day, not only, steal my joy , but also my purpose. The hope? I have a choice.


In a moment of silence, I chose to see my day for what it actually was, a series of small opportunities to see the ultimate purpose. I saw a moment in which to allow the Holy Spirit to influence and form my perspective.


Our perspective is formed by the questions we allow our hearts to nurture. In the throes of everything I started to ask myself if I did anything significant that day? Did it matter to anyone? Was it important?


This is when I lost sight of what God had placed before me. I realized when we change the questions of our hearts, we open ourselves up to allow God to mold our viewpoint. When I surrendered this, I began to see that too often I question the outcome of a single day, instead of seeing my actions as foundational and crucial. What if I viewed my day through the eyes of faithfulness, raising these littles because God has something He’s preparing for them? Instead of asking questions about how my day affected me, what if I asked questions about how my day affected those I’ve been called to serve?


What if we took our eyes off of ourselves and surrendered the attitudes of our hearts over to a loving Father in order to see the truth of the season we are in. If I can surrender my day, my family, my job, I think I can also surrender my ministry…


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