Renewed Intention

I heard a sermon a few weeks ago during sanctity of human life Sunday. The same question has been on my mind since.

Am I consistently valuing people?

The sermon broke down the dignity of human life to a simple concept. What if we stopped waiting for a significant moment to prove our faith, and simply stopped yelling at people in traffic? To value human life, you absolutely can and should make bold gestures regarding babies, orphans, the enslaved, the marginalized, the old, and the like. However, what if we started finding value in the mundane? This is simplistic. Yes. Yet, think for a moment about the intention of this question. I think, as believers, we are ready to do something monumental in an effort to prove we value human life.  Shouldn’t we have the same passion and readiness in the boring? Do we show those around us that we are created in the image of Christ in the insignificant moments, or are we letting those pass us by waiting for something more dramatic?

God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him.

I keep wondering what my community sees in me, do they see Christ? I want to strive to live a life that is kind, gracious, and uplifting in the mundane Monday through Thursday. So that, on Friday, when things fall apart and those in my midst are looking for truth they have no doubt that I will be present to fight for what is good. We want the big moments, but I think, in my own walk, God is calling me to re-assess, to start to value the small instances where I can show others who Jesus is and what He’s done for us.

As ministry leaders, we should be leading by example that those in our churches hold immeasurable value. That those in our neighborhoods hold immeasurable value. That your church secretary holds immeasurable value. Through this disposition may God bless us with an opportunity to make a grand stand for his creation.

In the meantime, this challenge is small. I have built the schools, hugged the cast offs, prayed with the downtrodden, encouraged the prisoner, but I refer to my mail lady as…”mail lady”.

Pray with me this year. Pray for a renewed opportunity to show others they matter. Pray for renewed intention in our walk. As I’ve written before, God will show you, He will take your feet to deeper waters. Maybe your next step is to do something bold and dramatic to uphold those in his image. Maybe your next step is like mine, to learn your postal workers name, and to let someone go ahead of you in traffic. Press on and press in friends. God is working. He is good. He is near.


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